Introducing our VR for Good pilot programs

Filmmakers and Non-Profits Working Together

We want to match ten rising filmmakers with ten nonprofits to tell their stories through VR. Selected filmmakers will have the opportunity to attend the Bootcamp and then create incredible 360 films and bring a variety of social missions to life. To help jumpstart the project, we’ll provide winners with opportunities to get resources, like funding, tech, post production support, and one-on-one mentorship with industry veterans.

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High School 360 Filmmakers Challenge

Introducing a challenge to inspire Bay Area students to use next-generation technologies for real-world projects. Students partner with professional filmmakers to create 3-5 minute 360 films sharing what’s special about their communities. These students will learn new technology and production skills while they explore careers and higher education opportunities in STEM. The six week challenge concludes with a film showcase to celebrate their efforts and highlight the top films.

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